1911 Pistols

If the 1911 .45 ACP is not the most popular semi auto pistol in history, it’s a close second to whatever is in first place. Whenever anyone begins a serious conversation about semi auto hand guns, the subject mater seems to center on 1911s sooner or later.

Every handgun builder seems to have their version of a 1911 and with few exceptions the modern offerings are pretty much the same. Sure, every company thinks theirs is the latest and greatest version to be had but the reality is with very few exceptions the guns remain functionally the same. Subtle design changes for serrations, grip design and a little ‘bling’ here and there are the only basic design differences.

Aluminum and modern day polymers are more popular and have found their way into the 1911 community but that’s to be expected as long as strength and durability remain and are not severely compromised.

We are not looking to revolutionize the 1911 market, we just want to build a good gun with American made materials and components and offer a premium quality pistol at an affordable price, and maybe with just a little bling and some nice engraving if you like.

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