Concealed Carry Classes

Current Florida state law has changed, Florida is now a “Constitutional Carry” state, which means you no longer need a state issued Concealed Carry Permit to carry your firearm concealed in the state of Florida.  However, there are still two very good reasons to obtain and maintain a state issued Concealed Carry Permit, the first being your ability to purchase a firearm from a licensed dealer and take it home the day of purchase.  Without a CCW you must comply with the State of Florida 72 hour waiting period before you can take possession of your firearm.  The second good reason you should consider is your ability to cross state lines with your firearm and travel in states that are not part of the Constitutional Carry network.  In states that are not part of the network that state must have a reciprocal agreement with the State of Florida, and you must have a Florida issued CCW to legally carry in that state.  In that event you must also comply with any and all laws and requirements of each state you travel in.  All that being said there are still many places you cannot go with your firearm within the State of Florida, even though you have a permit and qualify to carry concealed under the Constitutional Carry law.  You need to make yourself familiar with those exceptions before you decide to carry a firearm outside your home.

Florida is a “shall issue” state, which means unless you have something in your background that disqualifies you from owning a firearm or applying for a concealed carry permit, you will be able to obtain a permit to carry a concealed weapon.

Sidewinder has an NRA Certified Basic Pistol Instructor on staff. The course we offer is the NRA curriculum and is approved by the state of Florida. The course is roughly 8 hours and consists of video, PowerPoint, and practical hands-on instruction both in the classroom and live fire exercises with a loaded firearm.

The cost of the course is $100 per person if you have your own firearm and ammunition. If you have not yet purchased a gun, or do not have a gun and ammo, we will provide those for you. The cost in that case is $125 per person.  We offer family discounts, ask us about those.

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Call us for a course schedule and we will set you up in one of our on-site classes in or company facility.