DutyKote Coating

DutyKote is a revolutionary coating system from Modern Spartans that outperforms and outlasts every other coating system currently in use in the firearms industry including Cerakote.

Here at Sidewinder, we are constantly looking for ways to improve the quality and durability of our products. If you want a long lasting finish that will keep your guns looking good for years to come, DutyKote is the answer.

Refurbishing used guns with worn finishes and other signs of wear is something we specialize in. Let us make your well used piece look new again with a little TLC and a new finish.

High heat and wear resistance make DutyKote the right choice for a new and long lasting look to the new gun we build for you or your trusty piece you have had for years. With over 30 color choices, DutyKote helps personalize your favorite gun, or the one you plan to gift to someone else.

Need work done?

For more details on DutyKote, call or email us for information, cost, and estimated times to complete the process.