US LawShield

Whether you are a Florida concealed carry license holder or simply possess a firearm for home protection or to keep in your vehicle, the legitimate use of a firearm for your defense, the defense of your family or your home can present a number of legal issues, both criminal and civil. As gun owners we are responsible for every shot we fire, and we will be held accountable at some point whether by the police investigators or in eventual court proceedings.

US LawShield is a “stand in the gap” organization that provides its members with the legal representation and financial protection against lawsuits for the legal use of our firearms. Florida’s Castle Doctrine and Stand Your ground laws are supposed to protect lawful use of firearms for self-defense purposes, but we all know in today’s “sue everyone in sight” climate, anything is possible.

We here at Sidewinder belong to US LawShield and have both a staff attorney and retired law enforcement personnel who do familiarization seminars to inform and advise those who wish to know more and take advantage of the protections afforded by a US LawShield membership. 

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